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Shimmy Lingerie Video Project is building the largest collection of lingerie videos in Europe in support of Lingerie Football League and their fight for gender equality!

The fierce and fabulous ladies of LFL kindly invited team Shimmy to come on down, for a free (free to everyone…really!) session of footie, we went along to have a kick about and we are hooked… who would have thought it…me, playing footie! Now I have your attention, here’s what is on offer…

(Thanks for the video Steven, you’re awesome!)

Every Thursday 8pm – 9pm at Selwyn Jones Sports Centre, Address: Ashton Rd, Newton-le-Willows WA12 0AG, the ladies get to gether and train hard! These fun, fast paced sessions will improve your ABC (Agility, Balance and Coordination), easy as 1-2-3. As well as this, you’ll see an improvement in your stamina, endurance and even your strength. The sessions are led by personal trainer and coach Terri.

LFL welcomes ladies of all ages and abilities and they take real pride in watching the team improve as one, helping each other as they go. The fight for gender equality is what unites this marvellous team.

Daryl coordinates the sessions and his words of encouragement are just superb
“What’s going to work? Team work”
“GO Christine the MACHINE”
“Sissy that walk…” (I’m not sure what that even means but its encouraging)
The sessions are filled with laughter and sweat, a whole lotta sweat is guarnteed!

You, yes you, fancy a game of footie? Don’t be shy! It really won’t take long to break the ice with lots of fitness, fun and laughter!

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Peace out, see you Thursday, oh wait Thursday is tonight!
See you tonight.

Team Shimmy Shenanigans x

Football Training | Shimmy Explores

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