LFL’s Imgur – Rainbow Flick GIF

Have you ever heard of Imgur? Well, to be completely honest we hadn’t either…until now.

Imgur is an image hosting and sharing site, favoured by users of social media and social news sites including Reddit, Twitter and Digg because of its ease of use and flexibility. Imgur was conceived as a side project for “an image-hosting service that doesn’t suck” by Alan Schaaf, then a computer science student at Ohio University, who was fed up with the slow, laborious and limited image-hosting solutions available at the time.

Imgur is a gift to the people apparently… Schaaf got fed up with all the other image hosts out there so he made his own. It doesn’t force you to compress your images (like Instagram), and it has neat things like crop, resize, rotate, and compression from 10-100. So, let’s not see anymore imageshack/photobucket around here 😉

Embarrassingly, I was sharing this story (the one I am sharing with you now) to a friend of mine, explaining how one of our international players have found a Lingerie Football League GIF clip on Imgur…pronouncing it as GIF and i-m-gurrr.
“It’s ‘imager’, you know…i-mag-err”
“JIF not GIF too”

Despite being written as “Imgur”, the site’s name is actually pronounced “imager”, which makes sense given it is an image upload, sharing and hosting site. Well it is the internet’s favourite sharing service for comedy photos and quirky images. A LFL fan has uploaded a clip of player Dan doing a rainbow flick at a training session, with amost 500,000 views and over 100 comments in just 4 days – we are thrilled, you have to check this

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LFL’s Imgur – Rainbow Flick GIF
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