Lingerie Football League take on Alan Shearer for BBC Sport Relief.

Lingerie Football League girls joined team Robbie Savage to raise funds for Sport Relief…in the snow. We played head to head against Alan Shearer and a team of male footballers for BBC Radio 5 Live Battle of the Five-A-Sides to raise funds for Sport Relief, at Media City Salford, Manchester on Friday 4th March 2016 9.30am.


The two pundits are taking part in the BBC Radio 5 Live Battle of the Five-A-Sides for Sport Relief. This time it was serious as Lingerie Football League joined the fray..

It’s a fantastic,huge three-day event, with over 1,000 people taking part to play a combined total of 57 hours of continuous five-a-side football – the equivalent of playing an entire Premier League season. The teams are playing on constant rotation on the Premier League Five-A-Side Stadium at Media City Salford, Manchester from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th March. Supported by the Premier League, with broadcast coverage led by BBC Radio 5 live, this battle has one goal – to raise much-needed cash for Sport Relief. Many different types of football are being played during this mammoth match including men’s, women’s, kids, wheelchair, walking and even crab football.

Alan Shearer turned out not to be our biggest challenge. It was the weather.

Did you see the snow?


Arriving at Media City the amazing hub of television to see the ITV, Lowry and BBC buildings covered in snow was jaw dropping! A TV winter wonderland where everyone even the children that didn’t go to school that day were cheering their football heroes on. Oh and of course throwing the odd snowball.

A quick change and a high five from Robbie Savage and our match was on!

BBC 5 Live was covering the match but the cameras didn’t affect our our steely resolve. Obligatory hand shakes before we began and of course introductions, then it was game on! We played against a male only team captained by the goal- scoring legend Alan Shearer. The atmosphere was fantastic, the roaring crowd cheering every slippery kick of the ball.


We are competitive women in all respects (especially when it comes to football), the team spirit and adrenalin on the pitch was brilliant. We hit it hard, kitted out in Freya Active Wear, shin pads, the astro boots saved our blushes! 2
Shearer said to Kayleigh, Lingerie Football League captain, “You can’t half tell you play football, you’re a competitive bunch!” Indeed we are Alan! It was 2-2 draw until the very end when Shearer scored his only goal against India Dickinson put stand-in keeper, not our regular goal keeper but a dedicated team player. Everyone was slipping around the pitch, at one point the crowd thought it was dancing on ice but Melissa made it clear that we are ballers with her superb skills. Full time and Shearer had only three minutes until his next match started. True legend, proper trooper! We had a good old sing song on the way home to our new anthem “Ain’t Snow-stopping us now!”

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite right for our Anita kit…

Lingerie Football League take on Alan Shearer for BBC Sport Relief.
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