Katie Redford

Date of Birth: 14/01/1994

What do you think about the gender wage gap in football?
I think it is very sexist. I'm not saying the women should be payed the exact same, but I do think that women should get a decent pay. Especially when the women are just as good as the men at the sport.

How do you feel playing to an empty stadium?
It is slightly degrading because it feels like people believe women's football isn't as entertaining as men's. If people came and watched us women play they would see that there's just as much talent coming from women's matches.

Would you like to receive more pay?
I don't play anymore but I would love to. It is so hard trying to fit football around work, whereas if I was getting paid for playing football I would be more than happy to drop a few hours at work to train and play.

What's your best moment playing football?
Definitely winning an all schools girls competition a couple of years back. The sense of achievement felt so good, all the hard work and commitment paid of.

Who's your favourite player?
Wayne Rooney

How long have you been playing?
I started playing properly when I was aged 9/10 but stopped playing when I was 17 years old...well until now!

Which team do you support?
Manchester United Football Club