Larissa Vyas

Date of Birth: 07/06/1991

What do you think about the gender wage gap in football?
I don't think its fair. The girls train just as hard as the men, put just as much time and effort in as the men and the rules are exactly the same. I feel that the women aren't as appreciated in the sport. Where's the equality in all that?

How do you feel playing to an empty stadium?
I haven't personally but can imagine that its not nice. To feel a lack of support in something you have passion for is not nice.

Would you like to receive more pay?
I'm not asking for the same but more would be great!

What's your best moment playing football?
Winning obviously

Who's your favourite player?
Couldn't say

How long have you been playing?
I have played for a few years but I played since college to be honest, I'm very much a beginner

Which team do you support?
Manchester United Football Club.. if I had to choose one