Natalia May Simm

Date of Birth: 15/01/1990

What do you think about the gender wage gap in football?
It's not fair. Women should be treated the same as men who play the same sport, it's sexist. But there is not enough money behind women's football for them to be paid the same way...

How do you feel playing to an empty stadium?
I would still play with three dogs watching! I don't really mind as long as I get to play. But obviously the more support the better.

Would you like to receive more pay?
If I was a professional footballer and it was my job, yes.

What's your best moment playing football?
Don't really have one as such. I am super proud of the team we have created and being captain of the team.

Who's your favourite player?
ME! Ha. No, urm... Mata

How long have you been playing?
I have always played from being very young but never played for a team. Been playing in a team since March 2015.

Which team do you support?
Manchester United Football Club