The Desire for the Perfect Stomach (Part 1: Obliques)

Whenever the summer creeps up I always moan and groan thinking I shouldn’t have eaten so much for Christmas and followed up on my New Years resolution. I should have done something about my tummy.

Over the past few years, and with some help I have developed a foolproof plan that will give me a flat tummy. There are different muscles in the stomach and each need to be worked on to give you an even flat stomach, otherwise you may have more upper/lower abs than oblique’s which will cause them to stand out more, and you wont have as much support.

Oblique’s are my favourite areas to work out, it helps get rid of the love handles and gives you nice tight waist and no side fat rolls. As well they are relatively easy to work, no sore neck, and don’t take too long. I’ve got together various exercises I that I enjoy doing, and find work quite well. You can pick and choose to do a few, I usually do about three different exercises of the following.

To start off with oblique’s I like to do a simple exercise where you’re on all fours and extend an arm and the opposite leg.
Leg and Arm Extension
Once you’ve extended an arm and leg you hold it for 10 seconds and switch. You do each side 3 times. For this exercise you want to do 3 sets with a 30 second rest between each set. To increase the difficulty you increase the time of the hold.

Next I do a weight plate oblique twist, which is similar to a Russian twist.
You get a weight plate, get your back positioned at a 45-degree angle and extend the weight plate out in front of you. You slowly move the weight plate to the side trying not to twist your upper body too much and hold each side for 3 seconds. To start off do 10 reps, as well make sure to have a 30 second rest. Do a total of 3 sets.

Cross body mountain climbers are also a great exercise for your oblique muscles.
You start off in a push up position and then pull up your right knee to your left elbow, then vice versa. You do them as fast as you can for 45 to 60seconds for 3 sets, as 30 second rest between each set.

Russian twists are quite similar to weight plate oblique twists, however you use a medicine ball and do a full twist.
Use a medicine ball that suits you (recommend starting with 4-5kgs). Sit down and get your back to a 45 degree angle and then you twist your upper body and move the medicine ball to your side to tap the floor. Continue onto the other side and keep twisting from side to side for 3sets of 16, always make sure to have 30 second rest between each set.

If you happen to be working with a gym buddy another really effective exercise are throw downs.
One partner starts lying on the floor and holds onto the ankles of the other. The standing partner then pursues to thrown down their partners legs towards the ground, however you want to make sure its slightly to the side so you still get to work on your oblique. When your legs are thrown down catch them and try not to let them hit the floor and bring them back up to your buddy. Always make sure to alternate the sides to work both sides. Do a total of 6 throw downs on each side for 2-3 sets per person. Don’t forget about the rests between each set!

Hope you all enjoy working your oblique’s as much as I do, and get a chance to get started on that summer body! Good luck I wish you all the best with the start to a flat tummy, which will be followed up with an upper and lower ab exercise plan.

Nina (:

The Desire for the Perfect Stomach (Part 1: Obliques)
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