An insiders peek – training with the Lingerie Football Ladies!

The Lingerie Football League (LFL) have open training classes weekly for those who are interested in partaking. I went along to learn more…

Warming up

I read many articles about the league and was keen to personally find out more instead of taking a journalists view. Earlier in the week, I watched a television interview on That’s Lancashire TV, coach Terri and founder Gemma informed viewers of LFL, the fight for gender equality and of their free football training sessions! Free fitness classes are rare, curiously I went along to learn more and to get a sweat on. Keeping fit is hugely important to me and as a woman gender equality is equally as important so I was ready to give football a shot!

Thursday welcomed women of all abilities, the session was enjoyed by women ageing from 18-37 years old. The session and league is open to women aged 18 plus. What us newcomers all had in common was that throughout our lives we hadn’t considered football as a means of exercise. Football is a sport that I love to watch but I hadn’t come across any opportunities to play or actively looked to play as none of my friends play so I guess I just hadn’t really thought about it. I know now, thanks to Google, that there are local women’s football teams but I had never come across them. LFL brought football to my attention and I’m now a proud new member :-)

Coach and personal trainer, Terri, put us through our paces! I loved the experience, I now know the offside rule and I can do 4 kick-ups…ok so i’m no Steph Houghton but that is 4 more than I could do before the session. I wanted to know what the other newcomers thought of the session so I asked Davina, a student who joined the practice. She kindly shared a little about her experience of the training session

How did you find the session as a newcomer?

“My first impression was that everyone was extremely friendly and open, the air was very welcoming. The class was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves. I came along with my friend Alice and we was both so nervous beforehand, but the nerves didn’t last long.”

Can you describe the session activities for me please?

“The class consisted of a warm up: running, stretching various areas such as the calves, wrists, arms, quadriceps and hamstrings. We then moved onto skill training and drills, in partners we passed the football between one another along the playing field and then took our best shot at the goal. I’m surprised at how good I can aim! After the skills training we played a short ten minutes either side game to put our new skills into practice. It was great fun and we all had a chance with the ball. To finish the practice we had a relaxing cool down which included lots stretching.”


The football practice allowed us all to have a little fun and to learn more about each other and the game. I like how open LFL practices are as this helped everyone to develop a greater understanding of what the LFL players are trying to achieve and are fighting for, as well just to have some fun and keeping active.

Training sessions are every Thursday 21:00 – 22:00 at Selwyn Jones Sport Centre, Ashton Road Newton-le-Willows England, WA12 0AG. See you at the next one!

Nina x

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An insiders peek – training with the Lingerie Football Ladies!

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